Our Program

The Summer Internship program with Christian Students on Campus began in 2005 for the purpose of equipping students to serve the Lord Jesus. Interns labor side-by-side with staff members on campus and in the community during the summer, learning valuable hands-on lessons in outreach and shepherding.

You will experience the joy of serving with the team week by week in a variety of activities that will equip you and build you up together with your fellow team members. We pray that Christ be glorified and His Body built up this summer through our service.


Our primary goal in this internship is to help freshmen transition into college life with Christ as their center and Christians as their community. The duration of this program includes the entire UT freshman orientation, which spans over six sessions in the summer.

The internship has further set commitment to mentor junior high and high school students in a summer Bible camp, sponsored by local Christians. Interns have the opportunity to lead, facilitate, and set themselves as examples for these younger believers.

We also extend our internship outreach by participating in regional mission trips.


  • Participating in daily planning sessions with the club service team
  • Setting up and staffing on-campus information table
  • Assisting new students with practical needs: locating buildings for orientation, mini campus tours, selecting classes and professors
  • Developing an ongoing relationship with new freshmen through the Bible Reading Challenge
  • Organizing and carrying out orientation events
  • Preparing printed and online fliers and signs

Support Offered

Student interns who commit to one or more full weeks can apply for financial support of up to $200 per full week.

  • Just made my college years meaningful, and that's because I did the internship.

  • You should do the internship because you will be genuinely happy that you did it. I feel like this is one of the happiest moment of my life.

    CHRIS C.
  • Before the internship I wouldn't feel I could talk to someone about the Lord as easily as I do now.

    LINNY B.
  • The internship has been life-giving.

    ERIN K.
  • The internship helped me establish my morning time with the Lord. It helped me establish a great habit of reading the Bible.

    WILL W.